Terms and Conditions

Article 1: Definitions

The following definitions apply to these conditions of use:

Website: kuponzone.com

User: The (legal) person who uses the services offered via the Website;

Provider: The (legal) person who offers information, offers, discount code, products, or services referred to on the KuponZone.com website by means of a (hyper) link or otherwise;

Offers: All offers, information, discount codes, offers, products, services or expressions of the Provider referred to on the Website of kuponzone.com by means of a (hyper) link or otherwise;

Technology for remote communication: means that can be used to conclude an agreement, without the consumer and trader being in the same place at the same time;

Sustainable data carrier: Any means that enables the consumer or entrepreneur to store information that is addressed to him personally in a way that allows future consultation and unaltered reproduction of the stored information.

Article 2: Identity of the Entrepreneur

KuponZone.com, is an Adwire Marketing initiative.

273 Gorakhpur,
Uttar Pradesh, India

Email: [email protected]
Mob: +917982164365

Location: Gorakhpur India

Article 3: The offer / Discount code / Deal

We cannot guarantee that offers or discount codes mentioned on this website work or are still valid. KuponZone.com and its employees are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of the information on this website. If you see a discount code or discount that is no longer valid, let us know, so we can get it from our website.

Article 4: Intellectual Property

The Buyer explicitly acknowledges that all intellectual property rights of the displayed information, announcements, or other expressions with regard to the products or with regard to the internet site belong to KuponZone.com, its suppliers, or other entitled parties.

Article 5: Personal Information

KuponZone.com processes the buyer’s data only in accordance with its privacy policy. KuponZone.com observes the applicable privacy rules and legislation.

Article 6: Links

The KuponZone.com site may contain third-party advertisements or links to other sites. KuponZone.com has no influence on the privacy policy of these third parties or their sites and is not responsible for this.

Article 7: Purchase

KuponZone.com does not sell products itself. When you purchase a product, the terms and conditions of the relevant advertiser apply.

Article 8: Your Rights

You can always ask KuponZone.com which data about you is being processed. You can send an e-mail about this. You can also ask KuponZone.com to make corrections, additions, or other corrections by e-mail, which KuponZone.com will process as quickly as possible. If you no longer wish to receive information, you can report this to KuponZone.com. Sending information only happens if you have entered your e-mail address.

Article 9: Additional or Different Provisions

Additional provisions or deviations from these general terms and conditions may not be to the detriment of the consumer and must be recorded in writing or in such a way that they can be stored in an accessible manner on a durable medium by the consumer.

Article 10: Complaints

In the event of a complaint, we recommend that you contact the advertiser. We only act as an intermediary and are not responsible for the services/products that the advertiser offers.

Article 11: Applicable Law

Only Indian law applies to the legal relationship between KuponZone.com and the user. The district law in Gorakhpur / India has jurisdiction over disputes.

If and insofar as any part or provision of these terms and conditions of use appears to conflict with mandatory provisions of national or international law, these are deemed not to have been agreed and these terms and conditions of use remain binding on other parties.